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Grizzee's History

Every brand has its story, so what's ours? Grizzee was originally built as an outdoor dog bandana company in 2018. We spent a year developing and designing durable, weather resistant, dog bandanas. This project was inspired by my love for outdoor adventures with my own dog. After some major life changes, the decision was made to pause Grizzee as it was not feasible at the time. In our short lifespan we grew a great supportive community who shared their love for what we accomplished, and supported our endeavors ahead.

We had another small business take interest in buying our bandana designs so they could re-brand, and build the bandanas under their own business. It was an honor to pass on the project to another small business to make their own. The hard work we put in could live on! 

Grizzee's New Found Mission

Grizzee Coffee Delivery Service

Fast forward to today. We may have sold our previous product line, but we still had the name. A company name that is dear to our hearts as you'll read below. Our goal years ago was to build outdoor dog gear, and encourage pet owners to get out on adventures with their dogs. That goal remains the same today. Thats when we decided to move in a new direction, but towards that same exact goal. A direction we felt very passionate, and ambitious about. With a love for coffee, dogs, and the outdoors - why not make Grizzee a coffee brand that fuels these adventures with our best friends? 

The new foundation was laid and implemented in 2022. Grizzee has never fallen from its mission to get pet parents out with their 4-legged friends. We have maintained our standards in the quality of product, service, and relationships we build. 

Grizzee Coffee

When starting Grizzee as a coffee company it was important that we provided quality coffee backed by this mission. 

Our beans are ethically sourced from a variety of origins found in each product listing, and roasted in small batches by our production team here in the US. This means the beans are roasted same day they are shipped out to you! 

The mission does not end there. We believe every dog deserves a chance to live their best life. That's why we're committed to donated 10% of all profits to homeless pets. Doing our part in getting these pets into the hands of loving parents, and out on adventures. Adventures we'll be sure to fuel! 




Who Is Grizzee?

Grizzee Coffee Delivery Service

Grizzly (AKA Grizz, or Grizzee) is an 18 lb Cockapoo owned by Brittany. Yes, it's a big name for a little guy but his personality fits it well. He enjoys hiking and outdoor adventure on the daily even if he's not quite built for some of the terrain. Playing fetch makes his heart whole, and he will go - go - go (with a few breaks in between). He is more a people dog than a "dog - dog", but he picks and chooses his 4-legged friends. 

I think we can all attest to the deep rooted bond you grow with your dogs. My love for Grizz is what sprouted the ambition to make "Grizzee" a brand, and heavily promote the importance of getting outdoors with your dogs. It's a healthy, quality, and great way to build on your relationship with your pets. If we can play any part in fueling those adventures, we've accomplished this mission. 

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