Easy Healthy Iced Latte Recipe

December 10, 2022

Easy Healthy Iced Latte Recipe

We may be embracing the winter chills right now, but many enjoy the delectable taste of iced coffee year round. Today we are sharing a quick, easy, and healthy iced latte recipe you can quickly make at home! Save time and money by making this yummy coffee at home. 

Latte's are quit simply, coffee or espresso and milk. They are easy to make and customize with different flavors, and enjoy them hot or cold. Making this delicious coffee drink is easier than you think. There are many ways to get creative with the drink, and this recipe serves as a base foundation. 

Healthy Iced Latter Recipe

Brewing Guide:

Brewing your coffee or espresso can happen in many forms. Everyones preference may differ, so choose a medium or dark roast based on your preference. Take a look at our specialty grade, roast to order coffee options. Starting your brew with quality beans will provide premium flavor. 

If you have an espresso machine, pulling a shot or two from there and following this recipe will provide rich flavor. Espresso also offers high caffeine content than brewing regular coffee. Both work great for this recipe, but will depend on what methods you have to brew at your home. 

You will want to brew fresh roasted or fresh ground coffee beans for optimal flavors. Try some of our specialty grade beans for this recipe! Be sure to brew as close to making your drink as possible, old coffee will lose its flavor and not provide a tasty drink. Some coffee machines offer an "Iced" option, which brews the coffee stronger so when its poured over ice its diluted back to its proper strength. 

Milk & Flavoring

Whole milk is the traditional standard when making any latte, it's what is often used when ordered at any coffee shop unless told otherwise. It provides the creamiest texture as it’s a heavier based milk. However, you can certainly use different options based on your own needs. Personally, I enjoy using unflavored coconut milk. But you can also enjoy almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, or oat milk. 

When adding flavoring there are a few options. Clearly if you would like a healthier drink, you would need to be mindful of what flavorings you add to the drink. There are lots of syrups, creamers, and even sauces you can choose from. Each will give suggested measurements for the size of your drink. 


If you are looking to add some fancy froth to the top of your latte its as easy as frothing your milk, or heavy cream in a separate cup and pouring it on top. You can buy a hand held frother for relatively cheap at most stores. This makes a foamy consistency that will be more dense than the liquid and sit on top. 

We hope you enjoy this tasty and simple coffee beverage!

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